Welcome to Melia Advisory Group where our investment focus is to create steady income through non stock market options, therefore restoring peace of mind. (918) 794-9290

Stocks have been on a roller coaster ride since 2000 with almost no growth. Along with that, 100 years of market history indicates this pattern of high volatility/little growth for another 10-12 years, leaving average savers losing 40% to inflation. The same history also indicates that we could have a drop yet worse than 2008. We are talking about people losing all their savings. People just like you.

At Melia Advisory Group we believe in the use of non-stock market options focused on income generation of 5-7% every year while minimalizing risk. This grows your money the old fashioned way by considerably reducing the volatility and giving you peace of mind.
- Greg Melia, Melia Advisory Group

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