Melia Advisory Group understands the value of every dollar and how hard people have worked to earn it. Financial Advisor - Tulsa OKWith a thorough understanding of historical financial cycles, we are prepared to properly equip individuals with investments that provide income, protect assets and give you peace of mind no matter the market cycle. Our advisory team is dedicated to helping all of our clients make informed, confident decisions about financial planning and investing.

How We’re Different

Our motto is that we want our clients to protect the principle and live off the income from the principle. Greg affectionately calls this, “eating the egg and leaving the chicken alone.” Many advisors take the broken record approach of buy and hold or “stay the course” no matter what is happening in their lives, world or markets. Riding out a volatile market has left and can leave many more hard-working Americans  retirement dreams undone with little to nothing left. Some have even risked their life savings only to end up bankrupt in retirement. We mainly work with individuals who are about to retire or who have already entered retirement. We are all about helping them find non-common stock market options that will keep producing income for them to live on throughout retirement.

Our Mission

Everything we do at Melia Advisory Group is to serve and help retirees have a successful retirement. The goal is to help them be as tax efficient as possible, while providing more than enough income to live on throughout their retirement. We don’t want to see retirees just survive retirement, we want to see them thrive in retirement.

Meet Our Team


Greg has spent more than 30 years serving the financial needs of Tulsans. In his free time he enjoys hunting and traveling.

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Financial Workshops

Our financial workshops are free and are packed with helpful information that will educate you on retirement options and equip you with confidence and peace of mind.

Topics covered are:
• Social Security planning – Learn how to get the most out of social security and how to avoid taxes.
• Estate planning – Everything you need to know about wills and trusts.
• IRA & RMD planning – Understanding your tax picture with RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions)

If you would like to attend one of our free workshops, you can call Eileen 918.794.9290 or click button below.